Vancouver Hot-Shots Tie For Title At National Yo-Yo Championships


Harrison Lee and Luckey Li will represent Canada at the yo-yo World Championships

Vancouver’s Harrison Lee and Luckey Lee have tied for the title of Canada’s top yo-yo player.

Some of the country’s best players took over Columbia Theatre in New Westminster on Saturday for the Canadian Championships.

In a rare decision by the tournament’s four judges, Lee split the first place with Li, who was the defending champion.

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Lee also previously won the championship in 2013 when he was 13-years-old, just two years after he began competing.

Now he’s back on the top at age 17.

“It feels unreal,” he said. “I’m still really surprised. I can’t believe that I made it this far.”

“I had a bunch of really technical tricks.”– Harrison Lee, Canadian yo-yo champion

Harrison Lee says the two competitors have very different styles but both like to invent their own moves.

“I had a bunch of really technical tricks … I would move from one string to the other and then I did a few arm tricks, a few body tricks and then a few horizontal tricks,” said Lee.

In August, the B.C. duo will wind up for the biggest yo-yo showdown in the world when they’re represent Canada at the Yo-yo world championships in Iceland.

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