Trudeau Announces More Humanitarian Aid for Refugees at UN


Justin Trudeau told a UN conference on Monday that it’s not enough to applaud what Canada has done to help Syrian refugees — because there’s much more left to do.

The prime minister announced Canada will increase humanitarian assistance to people displaced by the Syrian crisis by 10 per cent, allocating $465 million to humanitarian programming in Syria, Iraq and the surrounding region.

The government also announced an additional $64.5 million towards humanitarian relief around the world.

Trudeau called on all countries to find additional measures to help solve a historic crisis fuelled by Syria’s civil war.

He made the remarks while presiding over a meeting on the subject alongside Queen Rania of Jordan.

The queen said millions of refugees around the world are asking the same question — will we be able to go home? — and that the goodwill exhibited by countries right now is no match for the task.

Trudeau said that, as a former teacher, he’s especially concerned about how to help displaced people get education.

Trudeau is in the midst of a two-day visit to the United Nations, where he will address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

The audience broke into applause today when he mentioned that Canada has taken in almost 31,000 Syrian refugees since last year.

“While that is a great story, I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that Canada’s engagement must not stop at resettlement,” Trudeau said.

“Now is the time for each of us to consider what more we can contribute. So, in Canada, we’re looking at our options.”

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