PETA Bought Into Canada Goose’s IPO in Order To Protest The Company’s Use of Fur


The animal rights activist organization PETA says it bought into Canada Goose’s initial public offering Thursday in order to protest the company’s use of fur and goose down.

The Canadian luxury retailer priced its IPO at $12.78 a share on Wednesday and opened for trading at $18 Thursday.

PETA said it had bought 230 shares in order to submit shareholder resolutions and speak at annual shareholder meetings. It was not immediately clear at what price or on which exchange the organization bought in.

“PETA’s first order of business as part owner of Canada Goose? To pressure the company to stop using fur from cruelly trapped coyotes and down feathers from slaughtered geese,” the company said in a statement.

The animal rights group on Wednesday told Yahoo it wanted to buy $4,000 worth of shares.

PETA also staged protests in New York and Toronto on Thursday.

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