The decline of Canada’s anti-Americanism

January 6, 2018 ont9t29g9u 0

  VANCOUVER  —  A curious side effect of American political polarization may be the decline of Canadian anti-Americanism. Though conceptualizing Canadians as a people who are, before anything else, “not American” is a centuries-old tradition, […]

Canadian Politics

LGBTQ ‘Purge’ Cheques Could be up to $150,000

November 30, 2017 ont9t29g9u 0

  OTTAWA   —   Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized for past state-sanctioned discrimination against LGBTQ people in Canada, but advocates argue his Liberal government could be doing more to stop it from happening now. “I think […]


Trump: Confirms One-China policy

February 10, 2017 Jonas Taylor 0

  Trumps good cop, bad cop routine pays off.  US President Donald Trump agreed to honour the United States’ “One China” policy during a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the White House said […]