Rain or shine or chill, Toronto weather this week has something for everyone

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As summer dwindles down to its final weeks, Toronto weather is giving us everything it’s got. We’re getting sun, we’re getting rain, we’re getting humidity (even if no one asked for it). We’re even getting some chillier weather, so fall fashion enthusiasts can start dressing up.

It’s starts with rain. Monday will see a high of 30 C with a 60 per cent chance of rain. Environment Canada is calling for a risk of thunderstorms as well, with gusty winds through the afternoon.

The warm temperatures paired with wet rain will push up humidity levels, according to the weather agency. UV levels will also be high, so maybe just stay in until the evening, when Environment Canada predicts the weather will clear and the temperature will drop to a moderate 18 C.

Tuesday’s weather will cut the city a break. Environment Canada is predicting temperatures at 26 C and no rain. Still expect some humidity and high UV levels throughout the day but enjoy the warm, clear 20 C summer night it will bring while you can.

Environment Canada is predicting the return of rain on Wednesday and Thursday. And Torontonians will feel the weather start to cool down.

Environment Canada is forecasting a noticeable difference in temperatures, with Wednesday’s high of 31 C cooling down to a high of 22 C on Thursday.

Friday might even call for a sweater, with temperatures only hitting a high of 20 C and getting chilly in the night, down to 13 C. Saturday will only see a high of 18 C.

It might finally be time to make the switch from iced coffee to those steamy hot double doubles.

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