What Putin Really Wants

December 13, 2017 theony399uhi 0

  Russia’s strongman president has many Americans convinced of his manipulative genius. He’s really just a gambler who won big. I. The Hack The large, sunny room at Volgograd State University smelled like its contents: […]


Russian Journalist Stabbed in Studio Attack

October 24, 2017 admin 0

  A prominent Russian journalist at one of the country’s leading radio stations has been stabbed in the neck by an assailant who burst into the broadcaster’s studios.Deputy editor-in-chief Tatyana Felgenhauer, who is best known […]


Canada Slaps New Round of Sanctions on Syria

April 22, 2017 admin 0

  17 high-ranking individuals in the Assad regime and 5 entities linked chemical weapons targeted. Canada is imposing additional sanctions on Syria, mounting more pressure on the Assad regime to stop attacks on civilians. Foreign […]


Russia to Investigate US Media

March 22, 2017 admin 0

  Duma responds to US Senate bill that targets RT. The Russian parliament on Friday evening called for an investigation of American media organizations in Russia, following a call by an American senator to look […]


Russia’s Knockout Game in Syria

January 29, 2017 Contributor 83 0

  Russia and Turkey recently concluded talks in Astana about Syria. It was a remarkable cooperation given that Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet just over a year ago, damaging relations between the two […]